Screen wash leak on HOnda CR-V

My two year old Honda CR-V will not retain all of the water in the screen wash tank and it leaks out to the front near side. I am told by the Honda dealership that it is a known problem by Honda and their answer to it I am using the "wrong" water.

I am also told that Honda will not repair the problem under warranty, which I believe requires the headlamp washers/jets to be replaced.

I contacted Honda by email and although I received an auto reply have heard nothing else for three weeks. I truly think this is a safety issue as it is impossible to know how much water is in the reservoir even after you have just filled it. What should I do?

Asked on 7 September 2016 by past_it

Answered by Honest John
Standard problem with BMWs too if the wrong screenwash additive is used. Check the manual. If it tells you only to use Honda approved screenwash, you don't have a case. if it doesn't tell you anything of the kind then you do have a case.
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