Dealer wants £700 for a new sat nav SD card

I purchased a Mazda 6 Sport Nav last year. Last week I lost the Satnav SD Card and when seeking a replacement I was quoted £700 by both my Main Dealer and Mazda Customer Care. This price was solely for the SD Card. A price that would buy 10 standard Window based satnavs. Neither could explain this horrendous price. Can you explain this extortionate price?

Asked on 26 July 2016 by Peter Walker

Answered by Honest John
Someone else reported this from another EU country. In the Mazda 6, Mazda switched systems for the 2015 model year from TomTom to Samsung and the reason might be that your car has the now obsolete TomTom system. But, if it is a 2015, it should have the Samsung system and there is no justifiable reason for charging so much unless the whole system has to be replaced. You could try to find a replacement from one of the specialists by Googling.
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