How do I get the hub off my 2001 Ford Focus to change the wheel bearing?

I recently bought a 2001 1.4 Ford Focus. I was told the near side rear wheel bearing was shot. I've tried to get the hub off, but it seems to be welded on there. Any ideas?

Asked on 28 July 2010 by mac1

Answered by Alan Ross
Who was the person who said that the wheel bearing was shot? If he/she knows what the problem is, can they not tell you how to get the hub off? The wheel hub is normally held on by a large nut that has either a split pin or a tab washer as a securing device. Once this is removed the nut should come off and the hub can be removed. When replacing the wheel bearing, remember that when replacing the large nut it should be set so that the bearing runs freely (not too tight and not too loose).
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