Cam belt failure - should my local dealer cover the costs?

The cam belt on my limited edition Clio RenaultSport Gordini has failed, causing catastrophic damage to the engine. The garage have indicated it requires a new engine, with a rough estimate of £7500. Renault say it's not economical to fix the car and have offered me £1000 towards a new car or a used car up to three years old.

The cam belt should be changed at six years old/60,000 miles. My car is almost six years old with just under 24,000 miles on the clock. The garage have indicated the cam belt would have been changed at next service. I want to repair my car and I want Renault to cover the costs of the parts. Is this something I can argue the case for, and are either the garage or Renault liable for the failure even though it is out of warranty?

Asked on 27 May 2016 by DaveS66

Answered by Honest John
These are your consumer rights: You could claim that it did not last the stipulated six years. You would have to sue the supplying dealer, not Renault itself. I generally advise belt and waterpump at four years or 60k miles whichever comes first, but failed to take my own advice and changed mine at seven years and 18k miles. Turned out the waterpump was just about to go.
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