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I asked for an upgrade of the factory fitted towbar electrics on my Honda CRV 2.2iCDTI from a 7 pin to 13 pin system to future proof the car as there was a fault with the old hook up.

I paid £250 for this at the time (Aug 2015) and recently when I plugged in my new caravan with a 13 pin connector some of the pins in the 13 pin system weren't working. I had this tested and found that 4 pins weren't connected.

I went back to the Honda dealership and they told me that although I asked for an upgrade I didn't specifically request that a permanent feed was required. I was slightly surprised by this as at the time they told me it was a simple plug and play system so would be a relatively easy upgrade. They want me to pay another £400 to have the other 4 pins connected but this doesn't sound quite right to me. Any advice or thoughts would be welcome. On my invoice it says installation of 13 pin socket and electrics but they won't budge on the price.

Asked on 20 May 2016 by Austin1757

Answered by Honest John
There appears to have been a misunderstanding. However, I think you should point out to the dealer that if the matter went to court, a small claims judge would probably take the view that if you asked for a 13 pin connector to be fitted you would expect the 13 pins to be live. Then offer a compromise of paying £200 to have the remaining pins connected, or see the dealer in court.
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