Comfortable seating for someone suffering back pain - what is out there?

My Nissan Note driver's seat causes appalling shoulder and neck pain. My previous Berlingo had a straight back to the seat and a high seating position. Do I have to buy another MPV or even a van to alleviate this pain or is there a car that would have a higher and straighter back seat? Every car I look at seems to have a moulded curved seat back.

Asked on 21 March 2016 by jeanh

Answered by Honest John
Best to avoid heavily bolstered seatbacks unless they hug your back alone and your shoulders are above the bolstering. If you have a short torso then the bolsters will painfully turn you into a hunchback. But you should not sit upright to driver a car anyway, You should partially recline the seatback so some of your weight feeds into the seatback rather than being concentrated on the base of your spine.
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