BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - why are the residual values so poor?

I purchased a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 12 months ago. I want to sell it but there is a lack of interest in the trade for this model. The best trade price I have obtained is £20,699 for a car that has done 3300 miles. I understand that BMW dealers are not wanting to buy and are struggling to sell some models. Are you aware of this situation?

Asked on 7 February 2016 by doncaster

Answered by Honest John
The MPV sector is a new market for BMW, not associated with the brand and MPVs are suffering generally from lack of interest from the public that rather favours SUVs and 'crossovers' over everything else. BMW i3s aren't selling either. My advice is to hang on to it. 2 Series Active Tourers that come onto the market at low prices will stimulate demand to some extent and the model might start to sell in greater numbers at a lower price point.
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