contract hire paperwork invalid

I leased a contract hire VW Touareg (245hp) in October 2014. Long story short, it didn't steer in a straight line and VW finally replaced it in December 2015 with the new model (262hp). The new one has dreadful mpg - around 25% worse than previous model, so am now getting around 26.5mpg compared to 34+ on a run. I've emailed the supplying dealer who does not recognise it as a fault - and is being difficult about even discussing it.

Checking the paperwork last week, I've discovered the paperwork they sent me for the new, replacement car is an entirely different registration to the one I actually received ie I am not paying for THIS car, I'm paying for another car altogether! I've emailed them to say would they agree this makes the agreement unenforceable? no reply yet. I am hoping to get a replacement of the previous model (possibly better spec).

WHat is your view on the contract hire paperwork being wrong and secondly, the reduced mpg on the new model - is it a "fault"?

Asked on 6 February 2016 by evansh

Answered by Honest John
Obviously the paperwork has to be corrected. 26.5mpg is bad these days, even for a 3.0V6 diesel. The Real mpg average is 29.8mpg. Might work a lot better on Shell V-Power Nitro Plus. That's worth trying. Please log your mpg at:
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