Which five-seat car is best for use as a taxi?

What car would you recommend to use as a taxi? Obviously I want five or more seats, good fuel economy and reasonable repair bills. Got about £4000 to spend. Hope you can help.

Asked on 17 July 2010 by the taffster

Answered by Honest John
Go down to your local taxi rank and see what the majority of drivers are running. Skodas and anything VAG are falling out of favour because of maintenance costs replacing dual mass flywheels, etc. If you can find a Toyota Prius II with 100,000 on it for about £4000, that would be a smart buy. They are ultra reliable because of fewer parts and less stress in the powertrain. Some have done 400,000 miles or more with no trouble.
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Much better than the original. An enjoyable, practical, safe, economical hybrid. Looks good, too. Prius Taxis have run to 400,000 miles plus with very little trouble.

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