SEAT Ibiza DSG problems

I bought my SEAT ibiza in 2010. The mechatronic is defective and needs replacement. The problem is it will cost me around 2500$ at the dealer and I can't find it used. My question is does the mechatronic do this, meaning stop working with no previous signs? And where do you think I can get a cheaper mechatronic from Europe. I live in Lebanon.

Asked on 26 November 2015 by maire

Answered by Honest John
This is a worldwide (but frequently denied) problem with the VWG dry-clutch 7-speed DSG/ S tronic transmission. In an effort to make them maintenance-free they were filled with synthetic fluid on the production line. The problem is that over time and especially in a hot climate, this fluid becomes conductive and fuses the Mechatronics leaving the car with no means of changing gear and thereby no drive. If the car has been fully maintained by a SEAT dealer you may have the basis for a claim against the dealer or against SEAT. There is little point in opening the box and trying to replace the Mechatronics alone. Better a replacement transmission, already filled with mineral rather than synthetic fluid.
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