Ex-rental Range Rover?

I'm looking at a 9 month old Range Rover with 8k miles sold by dealer as Approved Used Land Rover where previous owner is Enterprise (ERAC Ltd). Don't know if used for pure rental or as supply car for Land Rover repair service. It seems a good deal to me - even if was used for pure ex-rental do such people who hire a RR on GBP 400 per day thrash/abuse them?

Asked on 26 August 2015 by RDH1

Answered by Honest John
Any damage to a rental like this, even a tiny scratch, and the hirer has to pay for it, so is very disinclined to inflict any damage. But the impact on used value is permanent. So buy 10k cheaper the car will still carry that unjustified blight. As long as the warranty is intact I'd be inclined to go for it.
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