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Should I fit a racing chip to my BMW X3?

I would like to tune my 2004 BMW X3 2.0 diesel, which currently has 150PS. The racing chip will increase torque from 330 to 412Nm and raise output to 192PS. Do you think this will work with the X3?

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BMW pushes the N47 to 183PS and 380Nm and more with the twin turbo engine so I don't see why not. If it's manual you can expect shorter DMF life due to imposing more torque than it is designed to absorb. The turbo will run hotter for longer too, so won't last as long.

You'll need to change the oil and filter more often. You'll lose any remaining manufacturer warranty on the vehicle. And if you're in the UK you have to disclose the mod to your insurer who will increase the premium.
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