Parking ticket problem

My daughter, a single mother, has come to me with a problem concerning a parking fine. On the 24th June this year they issued a parking charge notice for a contravention on the 15th with a demand for £60.

The actual circumstances are not in dispute as she admits she was in the car park concerned at the time given, but as it was late on a Sunday evening and she thought it was local authority car park she did not get a valid ticket. Accepting this she paid the fine as required.

The problem arises from a second duplicate parking charge notice issued the following day, the 25th, which gives exactly the same contravention details for the same offence.

As she has not paid this second demand it has become [in their eyes] an unpaid fine and they are now demanding £100. Have you any advice please on how she should deal with this problem to stop them harassing her further?

Asked on 11 August 2014 by Adrian 343

Answered by Honest John
If she parked on the 25th, then pay the penalty. If she only parked on the 24th and the ticket has been duplicated, then tell them the fact and tell them that if they take her to court over the matter, she will sue for all her costs including time away from work, etc. She will also take out a separate private county court action against them for damages under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 if they harass her any further.
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