Am I being stitched up with the price for a new clutch for a Land Rover Freelander?

I have a W-reg soft back Land Rover Freelander that has been a neglected for a little while due to lack of funds, but has recently spent time at a local garage to replace the clutch. The garage was a friend's friend and, being a single mum of two young boys, I thought by taking it there they may try to help me by not overcharging me. I was then told that my car had to go along to another garage, apparently with a different type of 'lift'/ramp' that my Freelander would need to be able to replace the clutch, as the one at the previous garage wasn't the correct one. I have absolutely no idea of the cost of a new clutch for a Freelander or how much it would then cost to fit it. Unfortunately I've sadly lost both of my parents suddenly very recently and the 'friend of a friend' with the garage is aware that I've just lost my parents as well. Some of my friends and work colleagues have told me that it sounds as if I've been taken advantage of due to still being very vulnerable.

I have been told by this particular garage that my new fitted clutch will come to £400. This seems very expensive to almost everyone I have mentioned it to. Please could anyone give me a rough idea of the approx price/cost I could expect to pay normally?

Asked on 14 June 2010 by jaydeey2010

Answered by Honest John
If it's a petrol model about £400, if it's a diesel with a dual mass flywheel £1000 or more.
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