Overstayed in a car park and got a ticket - what do you advise?

Last week we visited the Lake District and decided to take a walk from Grasmere. We chose a walk that was listed as taking three hours and duly parked our car in a Parking Eye Car park, purchasing a four-hour ticket. Unfortunately, during the walk my wife slipped and hurt her back, which slowed our pace. We exceeded our parking limit by around 40 minutes, but I purchased another ticket to more than compensate for the overstay. There was a very confusing large sign that I read as: “Overstayed your time limit: purchase more time before you leave” (or something like that). I intend to appeal and note that I can also use the POPLA service. What would you advise?

Asked on 28 December 2013 by AT, Rugby

Answered by Honest John
Appeal and give your reasons. If both Parking Eye and POPLA reject your appeal, tell them to take you to court. A judge is unlikely to reject your appeal. Knowing this, Parking Eye will threaten you, but will not take you to court. And they cannot legally put any bailiffs onto you without a court order.
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