How much of our VED is spent by the DVLA on vehicle licensing?

The DVLA has three functions: driver licensing, vehicle licensing and collecting VED. I assume that the driver licensing function is self-financing from the fees charged for new licences, changes of names/addresses, etc. I would be interested to know how much of our VED goes on the vehicle licensing function. The figures for this would be: total cost of DVLA, less income from driver licensing, divided by the number of vehicles registered. Are these figures available?

Asked on 9 November 2013 by RW, Kendal

Answered by Honest John
The DVLA also sells information to members of the British Parking Association so they can pursue drivers for private parking penalties. It makes a few million out of that. In its basic function the DVLA processes around 1,000,000 documents a week. That is the only figure I have. If you want the exact figures, put in an FoI request.
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