Should I have the DPF removed from my Dacia Duster?

I read your column with interest each week and you constantly reiterate the problems with DPF and short journeys. I recently purchased a Dacia Duster, which I am extremely pleased with; nowhere near as old fashioned as I thought it may be. Despite your advice and after much agonising I opted for the diesel engine, but still worry about the DPF as I do a number of short journeys with the odd longer run of say 300-400 miles once every two months. Will this still create a problem with a DPF? I have researched on the internet and there are companies who offer to remove the DPF and remap the engine for much less than getting a new DPF. They state that the DPF is not required for the MoT as it is the emissions that are checked and removal doesn't affect them, and that you only need to inform your insurance company that the car has been modified. Are these statements true and are there any other issues with removing the DPF?

Asked on 21 September 2013 by DB, Gloucester

Answered by Honest John
It might cause problems. But don't do anything about it until you actually have a problem. Strictly speaking removing a DPF is illegal. That particular EC law does not seem to be heavily enforced by VOSA in the UK so far. But it could be in the future.
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