What could my wife replace her reliable Honda CR-V with?

My wife has had a 2003 Honda CR-V petrol 2.0i model for about eight years and it has given her great service. She likes the road handling, size and space and how comfortable the ride is. I like the fact that it's been so reliable. It's a ‘seen and not worried about’ car. As it's done 60,000 miles she feels it's time for a change. She will not buy new; most probably a year old. Any recommendations?

Asked on 3 August 2013 by CT, Tingewick

Answered by Honest John
Few cars have turned out to be as reliable as this second generation CR-V. She could switch to the third generation of CR-V 2.0i, but that's a different car: better handling, more luxurious, though without the 'walk through' capability and not as reliable as the second generation. Or a Toyota RAV4.
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