What do you think of the petrol-engined BMW 3 Series saloon?

After much deliberation and, endless reading of specifications, I have more or less made my mind up to buy a car some might seem strange. What do you think? I wanted a sporting, high performance, enjoyable drive accommodating two people most of the time and occasionally an extra two largish grandchildren. I only do about 12,000 miles a year. The Audi TT, Scirrocco, and Golf GTI were topping the list until I looked at the petrol-engined 328i version of the rep's workhorse, the BMW 3 Series saloon.

It appears to do everything: 0-60 under 6 seconds, good 8-speed auto, brilliant ride (adaptive suspension fitted), 44mpg, and with under 4000 miles on the clock as an ‘ex-management’ car (Olympics?) at 10 months old and every possible extra fitted at £14,000 under list price. I see hundreds of 320ds but no 328s. Why? Am I missing something?

Asked on 4 May 2013 by JE, Crewe

Answered by Honest John
There were no 328is on the Olympics fleet. They did not meet the strict CO2 criteria. But they are excellent cars, tested here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/bmw/bmw-3-series-f.../

I wanted one on a long-term test, but in the end they sent me a 320dED for seven months. I'm not complaining. Average 63mpg over 7,125 miles is nothing to complain about. That's why there are a lot more 320ds than 328is.
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