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Why don't children walk to school instead of being driven by their parents?

In a recent column there was the popular question: “Please recommend a car for the school run". Whilst I accept that some of your readers live in rural areas, many don’t. Therefore, might I suggest that a better question should be: “Can you recommend a good pair of walking shoes and/or a suitable bicycle for the school run?” That way the NHS spends less tacking the effects of obesity, we have more healthy children, and the chaos of the ‘school run’ in towns and urban areas becomes a distance memory.

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Depends on the length of the school run, doesn't it? Anything less than a mile and a half I agree with you, it should be walked. But in their desire to secure advantage for their children, many parents transport them five miles or more to the 'right' school, and that isn't sensibly walkable.
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