Our postal vans keep breaking down with DPF faults - do you have any comment?

As a keen reader of your columns in the Saturday Telegraph, I am well aware of the pitfalls of operating a modern diesel for short journeys. Our local postmen have been subjected to new "modern" work methods, one of which was to equip each pair of men with a brand new Peugeot (small) diesel van. The van is parked, the men go off in different directions and return to the van, which is then moved a short distance to the next distribution point; the greatest distance the vans drive is up to a couple of miles from the depot to the furthest distribution point. All other distances are likely to be a hundred metres or so. A recent chat with our local postman revealed not only his frustration with having every detail of his work dictated but also that the vans were repeatedly breaking down as their DPFs became clogged. Any comment would be superfluous.

Asked on 16 March 2013 by CL, Wirral

Answered by Honest John
Looks like a dose of Platinum Plus for every postman. Or someone to get a brain transplant and order petrol (or electric) vans for this sort of work.
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