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Why are air intakes for cars set so low when flood damage can occur?

With the dramatic increase in flooding, and many people with wrecked engines, I wonder what your view is regarding trying to encourage car manufacturers to start putting engine air intakes at a much higher level. Even some top 4WD vehicles have their air intakes ridiculously low.

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They are sited low for efficiency. Putting them higher increases fuel consumption and raises the CO2 on the basis of which the vehicle is taxed. If you have a diesel you have to check where the air intake for the fuel system is, and never drive through water deep enough to enter it. I think there is a case for a body such as VOSA or the Association of British Insurers to list the maximum wading depths of all vehicles. It would be in the interests of the ABI because its members are currently (sic) having to fork out millions for wrecked engines.
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