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The cost of repairs to our 2006 Vauxhall Astra is spiralling - what should we do?

Having saved diligently for a few years my 22 yr old son finally bought himself, last October, a ‘decent’ car (Astra Diesel Hatch 1.9 CDTi 16V Sri 3 door - 2005) for about £7000 from a reputable garage. It has done 50,000 miles and last week it reported an error number. After taking to a local Vauxhall Garage it was found to be in need of a replacement intake manifold, swirl actuator and bracket - all amounting to £900. On collection from the garage he is now advised that the flywheel needs changing and at the same time a new clutch would be advisable – all at an extra cost of £1530! The cost is spiralling.

The car has a full service record (4) though only the first two were by Vauxhall dealer, the other two by local garages before he bought the car. He obviously needs to get the work done but before he embarks on this costly venture, any advice would be greatly appreciated as the short warranty from the garage he bought the car from ran out a few months ago. Do you feel that there would be any point in contacting Vauxhall directly?

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This is a nightmare engine with a long list of problems including those you mention, listed in car-by-car breakdown. Get rid of the car ASAP.
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