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Buying a car with cruise control - which is best?

I have never owned a car with cruise control, but I now find that long trips cause me discomfort and I am thinking a vehicle with cruise control will help. But never having driving a car with this system in over 30 years of driving, I was wondering what your opinion was?

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Some standard types are better than others. Of these I rate the current Mazda 3, X-5 and Mazda 6 as the best. The other type is 'active' cruise control that uses sensors or radar to prevent your car crashing into the car in front. That can be quite difficult to deal with when you get to an overtaking situation, requiring advance planning.

Whichever you buy I urge you to get one with a clear 'cancel' switch on the steering wheel so you can switch it off without having to brake (which automatically switches it off).
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