'Clunking' noise from clutch pedal on my VW Up! What is it?

Then clutch pedal on my 18 month old VW Up has started to make a 'clucking / clicking' noise when it is depressed and released. The dealership has said there is no fault and that upon referring it to VW were told 'they all do it'! It only started last month and is uncomfortable and irritating. Then car has done 10,000 miles.

Asked on 5 January 2014 by PipMartin1957

Answered by Honest John
As long as the clutch pedal assembly is not coming apart (as used to happen on Polos) it should be okay. The Up is a cheap car, build down to a cheap car price. It's not a limo. Gearbox quality varies widely from car to car, as it always has done with Polos.
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