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Tyre Magic tyre sealant - should I buy it?

My Lexus has no spare tyre and is equipped instead with a pump and some Dunlop sealant for use in the case of non-catastrophic tyre deflation.

I've seen a product called 'Tyre Magic' which claims to be, once installed in a tyre, capable of sealing numerous punctures. It is designed to reside in the tyre and wait for a puncture to occur rather than be like the post-puncture Dunlop stuff I have.

I'm a bit dubious about such claims and also wonder whether it's good practice to drive on tyres that have potentially lots of plugged holes in them, none of which I would be aware. What are your views?

Asked on 30 June 2013 by fourbyfour

Answered by Honest John
Caravanners and motorcyclists rate some of these products, but I would not use them unless the car is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system.
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