Electric parking brakes make me uneasy - are they as effective as a handbrake?

I have been looking at the latest Vauxhall cars and to my astonishment they have no handbrake, only a button. To me this is extremely dangerous as I rely on having a handbrake in case of an emergency. I currently have a Vauxhall Zafira Easytronic which has no forward creep, so I use the handbrake all the time. Are the electric parking brakes better?

Asked on 30 June 2012 by IB, New Milton

Answered by Honest John
Many people share your misgivings, but actually electric parking brakes clamp discs far more effectively than any lever and cable system ever can, so they do make parking brakes more secure. To solve your problems, simply brake with your left foot. No need to use the handbrake. It’s worth pointing out that learners cannot take a UK driving test in a car fitted with an electric parking brake.
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