I'd like to recommend Green Flag recovery following their help with my Rover 75, which broke down in France.

I thought you’d like an update on a problem I referred to you a few months ago. Last summer, while driving in France, my 2003 Rover 75 Connoisseur diesel automatic emitted a cloud of black smoke and lost power. I had breakdown cover with Green Flag who arranged for the car to be towed to a former Rover dealership garage. The garage said that the turbo had blown due to a blocked PCV filter and undertook repairs while we continued our journey in a rented car.

I eventually brought the car (and the u/s parts) home from France and challenged my local garage as they had undertaken a full service just before we left. Predictably they denied responsibility, saying that the turbo could have blown at any time and that the condition of the filter was “not that bad”. I spent a few weeks seeking advice from online Rover forums and the like (including HJ).

The consensus view was that I had little chance of any redress unless I could prove that the filter was the cause, as the French garage had asserted. I contacted a couple of consultant engineers who quoted £150 + for an examination and report which I thought was a bit too rich. I was about to give up when it dawned on me that the garage must have public liability insurance. I spoke to them and they agreed to refer the matter to their insurers. The insurance company asked for a detailed claim and eventually appointed an engineering consultancy to provide an independent report. (Yes, it was one of those I’d had a quote from!). They came and examined the car and the broken bits.

They obviously found that the filter was the cause of the problem, for last week I received a cheque from AXA Insurance for £908.62. I cannot praise Green Flag too highly. They reimbursed me in full for all our towing, hotel, car rental, taxi and train fares. In addition, they bought, on my behalf, a new turbo that I had found on eBay and paid for a courier to deliver it from Birmingham to Perigueux in France. They kept me informed of progress throughout the repair and even re-arranged our return ferry booking and paid the additional costs involved in that.

Asked on 14 April 2012 by GJ, via email

Answered by Honest John
That's amazing. But it does confirm that there is still some justice in the world. Occasionally. Well done.
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