Do I need to let the turbo on a Skoda Octavia cool down before switching off the engine?

Can you advise me please? I am thinking of getting a bigger car and have my eye on a Skoda Octavia. If I go for a model with the 1.4 TSI 122 BHP engine will I have to let the turbo 'spool' down before I switch the engine off as you have recommended previously or do I not need to? On a general note is this engine reliable?

Asked on 4 July 2012 by DJ, Oswestry

Answered by Honest John
Yes under some circumstances, ie if you have just come up a long hill or been towing, or when you pull in for fuel on the motorway. Skoda sensibly advises this in the car’s handbook. But normally when you complete a journey you are subject to speed limits and some slow driving, and that will be enough. The turbo on this engine is watercooled anyway. This gives the added benefit of warming the engine and the cabin up faster in winter. Diesel turbos are rarely watercooled.
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