Can I recommend Timpsons for supplying replacement car keys?

This may by now be old news but just in case. In May 2007 I was down to one remaining key for my year 2000 Yaris Verso. You ran various articles about ways to obtain duplicates but none I could find at that time for the Yaris. So I finally paid £119.95 to my local Toyota dealer. This week I had temporarily mislaid my second key (again) when my wife saw a sign in the town centre Timpsons, “Car keys cut, half price”.

Expecting that they could not do Toyota, and quite happy to pay around £50 if they could, I took in my existing key. I found they could duplicate the code and was delighted to buy a replacement for the princely sum of £25. It works perfectly. They also do the remote keys but I do not know the price. If this is not general knowledge it should be well publicised. Manufacturers have held us to ransom with their monopoly pricing for far too long.

Asked on 18 August 2012 by LC, via email

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks, but it is old news. About three times a day I tell readers that if Timpsons can't do it, go to keys and locksmiths in this directory:
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