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What is causing my E-Class Mercedes-Benz to break down, and will Mercedes-Benz be liable after my warranty expires?

I have an E-Class Mercedes that I absolutely love to drive, but have had two breakdowns due to a fault in the fuel injection system. Mercedes has provided fantastic service both times my car has been off the road, but my car will be three years old in August this year and I am concerned what would happen if it breaks down once the warranty has expired. Would Mercedes be legally obliged to provide a free repair and replacement car due to what is clearly an established fault on the car?

Asked on 5 May 2012 by SW, Rochdale

Answered by Honest John
If this is a diesel, then there is a well known problem with the piezoelectric fuel injectors and yes, Mercedes could be held liable. VAG has recently issued a voluntary recall for all its 2.0-litre diesel engines in Audis, SEATs, Skodas and Volkswagens fitted with Siemens piezoelectric fuel injectors. BMW has similar problems.
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