Should I buy a diesel Skoda Octavia to cope with my increased mileage?

My car is a petrol Skoda Octavia vRS, which I purchased new in May last year and I would say is one of the best cars I have owned. However my increased mileage of 25,000 per year is hurting my wallet and destroying the car's value. My options, as I see it are to keep it until it dies and just live with petrol bill, knowing it will be well serviced and therefore reliable, or sell it and buy an equivalent age and spec diesel version (I would have to add money to trade in to do this).

What are your thoughts? The car does its mileage on the motorway and needs to be able to transport two adults and three kids. It must be something that with a full service history and which I can reasonably expect not to fall apart just because its done more than 100,000 miles. Climate control etc must be part of the spec.

Asked on 28 April 2012 by SE, Herne Bay

Answered by Honest John
Doing that kind of mileage in a car you own, a new diesel only makes sense for the first three years because there are about £5000 worth of things that can and are likely to go wrong with it during years three to six, and the same applies to a used £5000 diesel. Numerous readers have bought these, then, almost immediately, had to shell out £3000 on a new DMF and a new DPF, not to mention new cam belts, EGRs and turbos.
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