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How often should my DPF need regeneration?

How often should DPF regeneration occur? I bought a new Vauxhall Corsa in November 2012, 2 days after having the car and only driving about 10miles the DPF light came on. Most of my journeys are short, say nine miles, clear roads, but I do longer motorway driving three days a week.

My problem is that the light now comes on every second day. I take it for a long drive on the motorway, driving in a lower gear at 2000 revs until the light goes out, thinking I've cleared it but the light continues to come on.

Asked on 6 February 2013 by tomjesst

Answered by Honest John
If this is a 1.3 they have had problems with the fuelling to regenerate the DPF, shared with the FIAT 500 Multijet. Not hugely widspread, but some cars have had problems.
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