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Buying a spare wheel/tyre as my car does not have one.

I purchased a RAV4 which came without a spare wheel, they give you a repair kit. I knew about this when I purchased the car and thought that it would probably be okay.

I have rehearsed a repair using the kit and I am not really impressed. I would like to buy a spare wheel and tyre and have tried a national scrap yard database for a few weeks to no avail. Can you tell me where I can buy a decent wheel to use as a spare. Would a small temporary one do the job bearing in mind that I tow a caravan occasionally. Are there any regulations regarding storing a spare inside the car regarding health and safety issues.

Asked on 16 January 2013 by Wenlock

Answered by Honest John
The only sensible answer is to buy an earlier model rear door with the full sizer spare wheel housing and a 5th road wheel and tyre. There is no standard means of securing a spare inside a RAV-4 and a loose spare wheel will kill you more effectively than a flying dog in a big crash. Will take your head clean off.

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