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The spark plug blew on my Ford Fiesta, leading to a £3000 bill. When inspected, the engine damage was extensive - number four bore was damaged, leaving the car requiring a new short engine block. The engine short block was replaced, as were all relevant gaskets, nuts/bolts etc.

Ford says this is not covered because engine fault caused by spark plug which is only warranted for one year. I argued the 'how do you know it was the spark plugs' (answer that is what we believe), but it was actually Ford warranty that turned down the claim. I wasn't able to put forward any other cause but why should I have to?

It was impossible to contact warranty department direct you have to go through Customer Relations - basically a method to stop you talking to anyone with any power.

Car is two and a half years old. Sold with remainder of manufacturer warranty just over a year ago. Serviced before purchase by selling garage main dealer (multi). It is driven by my son (no he is not a boy racer - he's 24 and a teacher). He noticed a loss of power and I told him to get it checked when he took it for a service.

He does not recall a sudden loss of power.

One communication from dealer states: 'you reported struggling at high gear, low speed and lacking acceleration.On Inspection it was found to be caused by Number 4 spark plug failure. Number 4 spark plug ceramic had broken up inside the engine. All the spark plugs were replaced.'

The Fiesta was booked in for diagnosis of the ticking noise on the 29.10.12 following the report from the service. The engine has been stripped and examined. Number four cylinder bore is scored and to rectify this, a short block engine would be required.

They and we assumed it would be covered under warranty until we heard that Ford warranty had refused it. The ford warranty comes in two parts the Ford Base warranty (1st year) and then Ford Protect which is not so comprehensive - so beware that is their excuse. I had assumed at the time of purchase that we had the full manufacturers warranty.

They have as yet not supplied me with proof that the spark plugs were the cause and nothing to suggest the spark plugs were faulty or wrongly fitted.

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A Ford only comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty. The following two years are 'dealer warranty' and are more limited. If, after checking all the documentation, you think you have a case and still qualify for the dealer warranty you could try against the garage from which you purchased the car.
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