What's causing the flashing glow plug light on my Mondeo?

The glow plug light on my Ford Mondeo 2.0LX 115PS TDCI 2003 (53) is continually flashing. I've had the glow plugs replaced, but the light still flashes. It takes about 15 goes to start in morning and once started, it runs roughly with clouds of white smoke and a strong smell of 'fuel'.

After about, say, 200yards the smoking stops - and then after about 1/2 mile the engine runs perfectly. I have to go through the same procedure to get home after work. I use the car daily for work and do about 30 miles in and 30 miles back. The car has just passed 236,000 miles.

Asked on 20 November 2012 by Tyeman

Answered by Alan Ross
Are you sure that it is White smoke. If so then it is indicating that the fuel being injected into the cylinders is not burning correctly (smoke also burns your eyes)

Given the mileage of the engine you may want to carry out a compression check, as you may have excessive wear internally. After that you may need to check/service the injectors (again the high mileage would indicate that they need servicing/changing)

Given that you have changed the Glow plugs we would then check the CHT (cylinder head temp sensor). Then check the Turbo wastegate. Then check the FRP (fuel rail pressure sensor).
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