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Last Monday my husband washed the car and then put it into the garage. He did not use it again until Friday. When he tried to back it out of the garage it would not move because the rear left wheel was locked. He took the wheel off and tried to release it but no joy. He spent a very stressful couple of hours trying to resolve the problem. In the end he rang the local BMW dealership hoping for some advice or help. They told him that washing the car and putting it into a garage could make the parking brake seize up. If I could get it to them they would look at it. As the car was in a garage and he could not move it this did not seem to be a viable suggestion. In the end he did manage to release the brake. Has any one else had the same problem?

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Well yes, that could happen. The brake disc is metal. The brake pad now has metallic content. So if the car was washed and put into a garage wet, then the pad and the disc could corrode together.
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