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Parking mad

With reference to the letter about Clause 56 of the Protection of Freedoms Bill from JW of Chippeham that will give the British Parking Association powers to exploit the motorist on an unprecedented scale. I did request some assistance via a post on the backroom forum of the honestjohn website, to set up a campaign to express complete disapproval of Section 2: Clause 56 of the bill. I received a mixed response from incredulity that any government would allow such a thing, to the usual 'peter perfects' arguing that if you never break a rule you will never be punished. Being punished by a properly empowered body such as the police or local authority for breaking the rules is one thing. Being taken to the cleaners by a bunch of money-grubbing scammers is quite another. I have written to Phillip Hammond, to my MP and to the Prime Minister to register my disappointment that my own government would enable a dubious organisation like the BPA to persecute their own citizens in a purely money grabbing exercise. My local Conservative Party took an interest, alas no joy from the others, they debated this subject at a monthly meeting and then wrote to Conservative Central Office to express their opposition to this section of the bill. I would urge every motorist to write to their MP, Phillip Hammond (Minister for Transport) and anyone else they can think of, to oppose this clause of the bill. As motorists we have an enormous collective power and we should use it to prevent schemes like this from extracting even more money from our already heavily taxed and regulated method of transport. Shame on the cretin who thought this vile scheme up but equal shame on all motorists if we sleep walk into this situation, especially after all the warnings. Doing nothing is NOT an option. I will put another post on the honestjohn website for anyone who has the technical ability to set up an online campaign to rally support to oppose this bill. I am from the steam age with limited technical knowledge so expert help would be appreciated.

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Thank you for your support. All I can do is try to open eyes, and it is having some effect, but it is all too typical of Brits to allow something like this through, then only start bleating when it starts to bite them. Sign the e-petition at:
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