I'm thinking of replacing my Mercedes-Benz E280CDI with a BMW X3 - does the X3 have a chain cam and DPF?

I am retired and do approx 9,000 miles per year (mixed miles, mainly short) and am thinking of trading my Mercedes-Benz E280CDI for a new BMW X3. Does it have a chain cam engine, and what about a DP filter?

Asked on 13 November 2010 by PN, via email

Answered by Honest John
Yes, all BMW engines are chain-cam. No exceptions. Not even in the MINI, now that BMW fits its own diesel rather than a PSA/Ford. But yes, all also have DPFs. All diesels now have to have them and BMW advises regular drives of 50 miles or more to regenerate the DPFs. The latest F25 X3 is by far the best SUV, combining economy, comfort, handling, speed and size better than anything else. I co-drove one from Innsbruck to Farnborough in the snow last November.
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