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Can you recommend a car with plenty of legroom for the passenger and driver?

I wrote to you in August regarding problems with finding a suitable car for me to access as either a passenger or driver, as I now have my right leg set in a permanently straight position. I need to have the height of a Honda CR-V but with extra legroom at the front. (The Honda has legroom of 32 inches from the front of the front seat to the maximum length in the well). The problem of trying to find a suitable vehicle is ongoing and I wondered if you had anymore up-to-date information in this respect.

As I cannot get into a car I am unable to go around the various dealerships to experiment. I am hoping to try a Volvo XC90 and a Range Rover this week but if you had any more thoughts regarding a car with extra legroom at the front it would be much appreciated. At this stage, the cost of the car is not important as one could always look on the secondhand market.

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As I wrote before, an old model Ford C-Max has the best front seat access of any car I know. Cars like XC90s are compromised by having to take room from the front in order to give it to the rearmost passengers. This is not a problem with the 5-seater Volvo XC60 or the Honda CR-V. King cab pick-ups such as the Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50 and now the Toyota HiLux might work because the rear-hinged rear doors afford pillarless entry to the front seats that could be slid back to their furthest points and reclined.
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