Valuations not meeting reality

Just a word of warning for your readers about Do not expect anywhere near the Internet valuation when you take your car to their buyers. We have a mint MINI Cooper S Convertible with every toy on an 05 plate with just 18,600 miles, new MOT and full main dealer service history.

Because we are running too many cars as a family we decided to sell the MINI as it is the least used and was bought originally just for fun. So a P/X was not an option. The Internet valuation was £8,345. I took it along and whilst the buyer agreed that it was an exceptional car he would only offer £7,885.

I know we all have to earn a living in business, but you should not waste people's valuable time if you are not going to be honest about the online valuations. Not sure what to do with the MINI now.

Asked on 19 September 2010 by CG, Smallfield

Answered by Honest John
No one can accurately value a car like this online. They can only give an estimate. They have to see the car to value it properly. Or see multiple digital photos of it in a proper online sale. I agree, what you describe does sometimes happen with webuyanycar. On other occasions, vendors have been delighted with the price they get and the lack of hassle.

But you will get the true market value for your car on the day by consigning it to . There the car will be competitively bid for by trade against private buyers, and the trade may include buyers who have pre-orders for such a car. You get your money minus commission in 4 days.

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