Judder when reversing up a slope in a Honda CR-V

I reverse my CR-V to the top of a 25 yard 1 in 8 slope at least once a day. On most occasions I am on the verge of juddering.

If I use higher revs I get the smell of burning clutch. I have to reverse slowly to avoid brick walls and to curve round at the top.

When last raised with the dealer I was told "we could not reproduce the problem". I have been parking in this location with a range of cars and vans for many years without this result. Could these models be suffering from dual mass flywheel problems, for example?

Asked on 11 January 2012 by Sleeper

Answered by Honest John
To do this you will have to slip the clutch, which will generate heat and damage both the clutch and the DMF. What you really need is a 4WD with low range gears that you could reverse up the incline without slipping the clutch.
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