Failed clutch plate on Toyota Aygo

I have a low mileage Toyota Aygo (34,500 miles) having covered approximately 6,500 miles each year, bought nearly new from a Toyota dealer 5 years ago.

The clutch plate rivets failed a week ago. I took it to my independent garage, after calling out the AA, and have had it repaired, being replaced with a new clutch kit. It was not cheap.

However, I have been advised under the Sale of Goods Act that I may have a case against the dealer I purchased car from (6 years from date of sale), to try and claim back the cost of the repair (or at least have them contribute to its cost) based on the technical bulletin issued by Toyota about their clutch needing to be replaced with a big clutch (190mm rather than 180mm) as noted in the 'What's Bad' section of the Aygo report on your website.

I suffered a couple of the things noted just prior to the clutch failure, but did not read about the technical bulletin until the car was at my independent garage being repaired, so was too late to then take car to dealership.

I have retained the clutch plate. The car was serviced with the dealer up until a year ago, this year with an independent garage, is low mileage, driven carefully and maintained. Do you think this is worth a shot?

Asked on 19 September 2011 by Aygo74

Answered by Honest John
Not a chance of any legal redress. Had the clutch been replaced at a Toyota dealer you might have got some goodwill. As it is, I doubt that you will get anything out of Toyota.
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