My Ford's SYNC 3 system has stopped working, what could be the cause?

I can't turn on the radio or adjust the in my Ford Transit as the audio button on the touch screen is greyed out.

It did it once before and was advised to take the positive lead off the battery and put it back on. That worked the first time (8 months ago) but I have tried it this time and it wont work.

Asked on 19 February 2024 by FRANCIS

Answered by David Ross
This issue could be caused by a number of faults within the system, including a key that needs reprogramming, a software update or a physical fault within the system itself. We would suggest taking your Transit to an independent Ford specialist or in-car audio specialist, who should be able to perform a diagnostic check to get to the cause of the problem. If the hardware is at fault, it may be easier to find a used replacement system than having the original one repaired.
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