Do rear dashcams interfere with DAB signal?

I have just swapped cars from a BMW 1 series to a 5 series 2022 year model. My 1 series had the Nextbase 622 with front and a rear window camera.

Nextbase say they cannot professionally fit the rear window camera as it interferes with the DAB radio? Seems odd. As a rear window camera is just as important as the front facing, can you shed any light on this or offer any alternative makes that are as good as this?

I do not want a camera looking in the actual car, I want it looking out of the back window as it needs to. I also want it professionally fitted which Nextbase did really well last time.

Asked on 21 December 2023 by Steve Davidson

Answered by David Ross
We would trust the information provided by Nextbase in this respect, and we have seen owners reporting that rear-facing cameras can interfere with the DAB signal, as the antenna is mounted in the roof. One alternative is to mount the rear camera at the bottom of the windscreen and ensure that the wiring is routed along the floor rather than the roof, avoiding the antenna.

If Nextbase are unwilling to carry out this work it may be that other dashcam suppliers would give the same advice, but you could use an independent automotive electrician or in-car entertainment specialist who would carry out this work for you.
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