Can I appeal a speeding fine?

I feel I have been unfairly fined for speeding. I was travelling East on the A14 late at night on a quiet road towards Cambridge. Four lanes: the 1st for the A14, the second for Cambridge, the outside two for the M11 which began a quarter of a mile away. Signs indicated that on the M11 there was a lane closure with men working there but this was a mile away. There were signs at that point for a 40 mph limit but clearly there was no real reason for this to apply to lanes 1&2.

Do I have a case to appeal or is it 'rules are rules' regardless ?

Asked on 11 December 2023 by

Answered by David Ross
Although you may have been travelling on the road heading towards Cambridge rather than the M11 which had the roadworks, if the 40mph limit was in effect on all four lanes at that point this will make little or no difference to the outcome. You may wish to seek legal advice if you intend to appeal.
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