I've been served with a speeding fine for 36mph in a 30mph limit - will I be offered a speed awareness course?

After a weeks holiday in Norfolk, we had been back a few days when I received a letter from Norfolk Constabulary . It was to inform me that proceedings were to be taken against me for speeding. On the approach to a small village I saw the 30 miles per hour sign on the street sign and on the road, so I slowed down. I am 68, my wife 63, and my daughter who is disabled was in the back with her wheelchair.

I am not a fast driver and had built up a queue of traffic behind me on this open stretch of road. I was doing 36 when I came to the speed traffic sign so i took my foot off the accelerator and slowed down gradually before entering the village. About 20 feet or so ahead I could see a sign that was flashing , telling people the speed they were currently doing, and beyond that a mobile police camera van to the side of the road. As I was slowing, the sign flashed up 32 for me and went off, as I reached the police van my speed on my speedometer was just a fraction under 30. It was not until I was alongside the police van that I saw the policeman standing behind with a speed handgun.

I obviously have not slowed down quick enough as my offence is doing 36 mph, I stupidly thought that when you come from an open country road you reach the speed warning sign ahead and then reduce your speed before entering the village , as is the case. So I hold my hands up and apologize.

I understand we will have to pay the fine, but it is the points on my license I am worried about. I do not have any points on my license but my car is our lifeline as we cannot travel anywhere by bus. I have heard about a speed awareness course, do you think I would qualify for this, because, again I would apologise and would gladly take it.

I have gone over my dash cam footage as it shows my speeds, and I am doing exactly 30 mph when I come to the police van (my speedometer showed slightly under), but again, I must not have done this quick enough and should have braked harder from 36mph to 30, before entering a built up area.

The letter I received is dated 02 August, and the offence is dated 25th July, and says I have 28 days to supply the information, could you tell me if the 28 days is from the date on the letter or the date of the offence. I would be grateful for any information or advice you could give me.

Asked on 8 August 2023 by Tom.

Answered by David Ross
You may be eligible for a speed awareness course as an alternative to penalty points and a fine if you have not attended a speed awareness course within the last three years, and if your speed is within the criteria. This can vary depending on how the local constabulary chooses to apply it, but it is generally accepted to be between 10% +2mph to 10% +9mph, so for a 30mph limit this would be between 35mph and 42mph. The Norfolk Constabulary website website confirms that this is the criteria they apply, so you may be offered this option.

The Notice of Intended Prosecution is deemed as served two days after it was posted, so your 28 days is counted from this point rather than the date of the offence, but we would always recommend completing and returning the form as soon as possible and using a registered postal service.
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