What would make our pick-up pull to the left?

My '09 plate Toyota Hilux seems to pull slightly to the left. I've had the tracking checked twice at our local tyre shop and they tell me its fine - which means the check was free - so they're not making money. I trust the place as we've been there for years. We do a little off road work for gun dog trials across grassy fields and woodland tracks etc. All very lightweight for the vehicles capabilities. Could there be something else out of adjustment?

Asked on 12 May 2023 by Boris Sussex

Answered by David Ross
Wheel alignment is the first thing to try if a vehicle is not tracking straight, but there could be other factors causing the problem.

Worn tyres or unbalanced wheels, worn suspension components or play in the steering mechanism could contribute to pulling to one side, so these are things you could also look into.

Although you have used your local tyre shop for some time, it may be worth getting a second opinion. Four-wheel laser alignment is more expensive, but it could be worth this up front cost to rule out alignment before trying other potential causes.
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