Why does the Skoda Enyaq have drum brakes on the rear?

The spec for the Skoda Enyaq says that it only has disc brakes at the front and that the rear are drums. That seems like a throwback to the 1970s. Is it safe for such a large, heavy car? Also do electric cars like these always have 19-inch wheels and no alternative? Where I live even 17-inch wheels struggle with the endless potholes.

Asked on 21 March 2023 by George Dennis

Answered by David Ross
While it might seem like a throwback that the Skoda Enyaq only has drum brakes at the rear, the reality is that the majority of modern cars still only have discs on the front, bar a few exceptions like performance cars. Braking technology has improved hugely over the last 50 years, and unless it is necessary to achieve the required braking performance manufacturers will always choose to fit discs and drums as it keeps the cost down. In addition, as the Enyaq is an electric car it uses regenerative braking to charge the battery, so the conventional brakes have less work to do in the first place.

Large diameter alloy wheels are another element of modern cars that have become commonplace, chiefly because most cars tend to look better on bigger wheels, even if this has its downsides. The Enyaq shares its platform and underpinnings with the Volkswagen ID4, which is available with 18-inch wheels, so there is the possibility of fitting different wheels that are at least one inch smaller, although this is likely to be an expensive option. Alternatively you could consider switching to a higher-profile tyre - as standard the base Enyaq comes with 235/55 R19 tyres, which you could switch for something with a 60 or 65 profile to give you more sidewall and better bump absorption.
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