Should I repair my current car or buy something newer?

I have a 2008 Peugeot 407 SW. I bought it for towing and it proved to be an excellent tow car. I no longer tow but although old, I still love it. I know how it works (not mechanically) as it doesn't have all the electronic new fangled things which I am wary of as I think more could go wrong. I find it comfortable to drive too. As you may have realised by now, I'm an aged female! My problem is, I have been told that the dual mass fly wheel is worn and needs replacing with clutch. I know it's going to be expensive ...possibly more that the value of the car, for which I've had various valuations ranging from £750 to £1800. So my question is, is it worth having it done or should I just, reluctantly, go for a newer car?

Asked on 17 March 2023 by Gillygoat

Answered by David Ross
What you decide to do next depends on two things: how much money you have to spend and what kind of condition your Peugeot is currently in.

Other than the flywheel issue, if it is in good condition and is regularly serviced, there is no reason why it cannot continue to give you many more years of loyal service. Clutches, and flywheels to a lesser extent, are considered consumable parts, so eventually they will wear out. The cost of replacing both will likely cost close to £1000 or more, but once done they should last for at least another 100,000 miles.

However, if you have money available to replace the car completely, you have the option of selling up and buying something younger. You could even replace it with another Peugeot 407 as it suits your needs well.
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